About me

Meli Alexander

Born in Hartford, CT, grew up in CT, The Bronx, NY and Pasadena, TX. An accomplished chef, she had aspirations of becoming a registered dietitian and food sociologist. However, she now devotes her life to being a full time professional actor and producer.

Her passion for entertaining is very evident the moment you see her. Meli has a perfect "Midwest" accent (with a little New York and Southern added). She has helped produce (and has acted in) projects such as “Who Killed the Bible Salesman?” and “Blueprint”. Meli has written her first screenplay “Framed” in 2016.

Meli has appeared in infomercials for ProSleep and Aquatize. Her credits include four TV commercials from her time in Seattle, WA. Meli's first national commercial for 1­800­Flowers features her in two scenes. She has also been featured in "Dog with a Blog" as a Christmas singer, "Tattoo Nightmares" as a stern boss and "Alien Encounters: 3" as the mom of a half­human/half­alien son.

You can see Meli in her first dramatic role in the short film “A Dinner to Remember” as Mimi, a woman who comes to terms with a tragedy and finds peace and redemption.